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New MexicoPoly Tanks

Poly Tanks New Mexico

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Poly Tanks New Mexico 1

Poly Tanks New Mexico

Poly Tanks New Mexico. Whenever there may be a need to keep caustic or acidic substances on site, there is a specific Alpha Tank and Pump answer it is proper for the job. With a reachable stock presenting the widest range of tanks in the industry. Alpha Tank and Pump has the tank to take care of your want to save the entirety from water to acid. 
And it’s why chemical plants, refineries, and wastewater treatment facilities across the nation depend on us. Therefore, We provide the product and services they want at a competitive cost.


Alpha Tank and Pump has the excellent chemical compatibility in the business. Our tanks built job-site tough with high-density, cross-linked polyethylene. You can gravity drain the complete contents of the tank. Removing sediment is no problem. Tanks built for most protection and security. From EZ Set Berms to the most rigorous quality control machine in the industry. Thus, Alpha Tank and Pump offers stronger employee safety and environmental protection. Berms and manifold abilities are reachable for all sizes of tanks.

Poly Tanks New Mexico

Alpha Tank and Pump gives a large resolution of poly tanks, including poly water storage tanks, poly double wall tanks, poly gas tanks, poly spray tank. Therefore, we have plenty extra in both small and large sizes and a wide variety of shapes. Inclusive of horizontal, vertical, elliptical, round, rectangular, open pinnacle double wall, forkliftable, stackable and pickup truck sized. Uses for these tanks encompass bulk storage below and above ground. Thus, including septic, fresh water, agricultural, industrial, chemicals, soaps, pesticides, herbicides, diesel fuel, gasoline, oil and more.


Storage Tanks

Our water storage tank constructed for humans who prefer to keep water for whatever motive they may additionally want it. Whether for a home besides walking water, a camping trip, or for gathering rainwater. Alpha Tank and Pump tanks are made from resin with UV inhibitors that limits the quantity of light that gets into the tank. This cloth helps to reduce the growth of waterborne algae. All tanks come widespread with a screw-on vented lid, inlet bulkhead and outlet bulkhead with plug.